Revealing to the viewer the unique biodiversity of Kazakhstan

The respect and preservation of the natural environment and the active protection of biodiversity. To do this effectively, it will be incumbent on us all to rethink our relationship with nature and question why we have become so alienated from it.
- COVID-19: THE GREAT RESET, Professor Klaus Schwab, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum

Уважение и сохранение окружающей среды и активная защита биоразнообразия. Чтобы сделать это эффективно, нам всем нужно будет переосмыслить наши отношения с природой и задаться вопросом, почему мы так отдалились от нее.
- COVID-19: Великая перезагрузка, Профессор Клаус Шваб, основатель и исполнительный председатель Всемирного экономического форума

“Unlike trophy hunting in Kazakhstan, taking a photo, or even more so, a video plot with animals is much more difficult here. A trophy hunter can hunt an animal from a distance of 300 meters or more. And I need to show an animal up close – from 10-30 meters, take a series of photos and shoot a plot for a video containing finished editing phrases. Therefore, the photographer has to be extremely careful,” emphasized Ayapov.

The Astana Times interview with wildlife photographer:


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